-10 Stupid things singers do to mess up their voices (and careers)

by Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen's Recommended Books on Singing
In addition to my "Secrets of Singing" Vocal Products, you may find the following books helpful to you in your vocal studies.
The Alchemy of Voice
Edgar F. Herbert-Caesari
R. Hale Publishers, London
1965 ISBN:
The Voice of the Mind
Edgar F. Herbert-Caesari
Crescendo Publishing Co. 1963
ISBN: 0800880269
Vocal Truth: Some of the Things I Teach
Edgar F. Herbert-Caesari
Crescendo Publishing Co. 1969
Boston: ISBN 0800880277
Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti
William Earl Brown; Taplinger Publishing Company, 1957
New York; 0800880234
Great Singers on Great Singing
Jerome Hines; Doubleday Publishing; 1982
New York; ISBN 0879100257
Building Your Best Voice
Henry N. Jacobi;
Prentice-Hall 1982
New Jersey: ISBN
On Studying Singing
Sergius Kagen; Dover Publications
1950: New York; 0-486-20622-X
Vocal Development Through Organic Imagery
William D. Leyerle
Leyerle Publications;
New York: ISBN: 0960229663
The Structure of Singing: System and Art in Vocal Technique
Richard Miller; Schirmer Books
1986; New York ISBN 002872660X
Singing: The Mechanism and Technique
William Vennard; Carl Fischer Publications
New York; 1967
The Tao Of Voice: A New East-West Approach to Singing
Transforming the Singing and Speaking Voice
By Stephen Chun-Tao; Destiny Books, 1991
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