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Leave the realm of the ordinary, cross the threshold of your fears, master your talents as a performing artist...
Jeffrey Allen is an internationally known voice teacher, experienced stage performer, lecturer and author. He has developed a hard-hitting vocal method designed to bring out the unique qualities in any singer, actor or speaker's voice. Jeff has fine-tuned the voices of thousands of solo artists, musical theater performers and bands. Mr. Allen's experience as a coach, band consultant, musical theater artistic director, and producer allows him special insights into the problems of singers of all levels. He maintains his own world-class studio (established in 1978) and has lectured extensively at UCLA, California State University, Northridge, The Musicians Institute and the Dick Grove Music Workshops. Mr. Allen has produced eight products for Warner Bros. Publishing Inc. including the celebrated Secrets of Singing, Hip-Pocket Book of Vocal Know-How, and the Mega-Power Singers Vocal Workout Cassettes. Member National Association of Teachers of Singing.
Free - With first Lesson - Jeffrey Allen's Hip-Pocket Book of Vocal Know-How - 225 secrets, tricks, tips and quotations on how to gain expressive freedom, power and confidence in singing.

Benefits of the vocal intensive private sessions include:

Lose your fear of singing high notes

Self-healing through self-expression

Gain raw vocal power for acting or singing

Become a powerful communicator

Experience a new awareness of confidence, vocal endurance, expressive potential and power

Break your personal sound barrier

Never fear a performance or recording session again

Vocal Intensive Sessions will provide you with:

Secrets of Singing- Mr. Allen's #1 selling vocal text

A Thirty-three exercise. Mega-Power@ vocal workout

A nurturing and challenging environment

The ability to powerfully express yourself through song

The competitive edge at auditions/recording sessions

More understanding of voice in several lessons than most instructors teach in months

I was immediately impressed by his dedication to teaching and his approach to the voice as an instrument. This is not a coach teaching just technique but a teacher developing voices, attitudes and concepts.
Sandy Feldstein, Former President/COO Warner Bros. Publishing Inc
Warner Bros. Publishing author and master vocal instructor Jeffrey Allen's vocal training sessions are designed to help you gain the emotional and vocal power on stage needed to set your career on fire. Mr. Allen is celebrating twenty years as Los Angeles' premier vocal coach.

Level One: Unleashing Vocal Power - Introduction to the five step Vocal Success system. Inverse breathing, mouth position, counterbalancing, high voice techniques.

Level Two: Troubleshooting/Practice Clinic- You will learn the world famous 33 exercise Vocal Success exercise regimen.

Level Three: Video Analysis - Technical instruction and fine-tuning of performances via video analysis for auditions and pre-recording consultations.

Level Four: Stage/Band Performer Intensives-unique sessions Mr. Allen has used for over 18 years to break emotional barriers and free unique the vocal sound and power of students and professionals alike.

Jeffrey Allen Vocal Studio

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