30 Day
Vocal Success®
Singing Make-over
Jeffrey Allen Vocal Studio
“Never fear an audition or recording session again”
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Week 1: *Troubleshooting - Myth-busting, End Vocal Confusion
  *Develop a Personalized Technique
  *Replace Survival Technique with State of the Art Secrets of Singing ® Method
Week 2: *Gain Power, Confidence
  *Introduce Proven High Note Techniques
  *Develop Resonator Awareness,
  *Resolve Breath Issues
  *10 Step Power Vocal Work-out Exercise Regimen
Week 3: *Blend Issues, Cracking Problems Resolved
  *Realizing Your Full Expressive Potential
  *Develop a New Successful Attitude
  *Maximize Instrumental Potential
Week 3: *Re-design Your Unique Sound Image
  *Audition and Pre-Recording Preparation
  *Song Selection Assessment
  *Stage Comportment/Mic Technique
Jeffrey Allen Vocal Studio
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